NOW  2015

A collaboration between, Julie Clifforth, Iselin Page, Philip Persson, Marija G. Repšytė and Darren Barrett.

An imaginary trip through places documented by Julie Clifforth, Iselin Page and Philip Persson with texts by Darren Barrett and Marija G. Repšytė.

The texts will verbalise some ideas and opportunities for a possible narrative. The narrative´s role is not to describe the images, or images to illustrate the texts. Both, text and image are equal partners in the format of publication.

The travel through palms, park paths, abandoned places, PRADA bags and unlimited architectural horizons in the image. The texts speak about meeting the crane, a yellow boomerang in a blue sky and smelling blackberries on a white wall.

Editions: 60 pieces
Printed by MOLVIK
Supported by Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Norway

1) HKS-Hordaland Kunstsenter
2) Indie Photobook Library
3) The Photocopy Club
4) Doomed Gallery
5) Booklet Library 
6) CPH Zine Fest 2016